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Many books we consider to have crossover appeal were published before young adult existed, notably Huck Finn, Tom Sawyer and Lord of the Flies.

It's possible to point to Lord of the Flies (1951) and Catcher in the Rye (1951) as two books that helped advent the genre since they attracted so many young readers.

For example, I mention above Yann Patel's novel LIFE OF PI as an example that appealed to both young adult and adult readers.

The protagonist of the novel is a teenager, but the narrator is the teen as an adult.

Those who are part of GSS & OPA should be able to add to this.

If your characters are "young adults," people seem to categorize the book as Young Adult.For Delta the prohibition is only for another NPHC or NPC sorority. There is only one service fraternity- APO and two service sororities- GSS and OPA.And in fact it says is now or ever have been--meaning if you denounced your previous sorority you still cannot join Delta. APO places no restriction on members joining other organizations or being a member of other orgs (we have long been proud of our members being members of other groups).It could be quite simple: Two NPCs - not allowed An NPC and an NPHC - not allowed A local and an NPC - allowed but you may have to drop your membership with the local, ask about it A service sorority or fraternity and an NPC - allowed etc., etc. In this case, I think we should distinguish between service GLOs and general/social ones.When someone asks again, they can just be directed to the sticky. For example, I know NPHC orgs don't prohibit GSS or APO membership, but (at least my interpretation of my org's rules) is that you can't join if you were in ANY fraternity that was social/general.

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