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John told if the authorities were contacted, and warned John and Patsy that they would be under constant surveillance.

Police later determined the note was written on paper from a notebook in the Ramseys’ house, and then the family underwent handwriting analysis to determine if there was a possibility that any of them had authored it.

They failed to secure the crime scene, allowed friends to come into the house, and did not immediately separate John and Patsy to take their statements, according to former Boulder police chief Mark Beckner.

Beckner wrote in a Reddit AMA (which has since been deleted, but a cached version can be found at the Denver Post) that since the crime happened at Christmas time, there were fewer people available to get to the scene.

” although back in April, In Touch magazine claimed they’d solved the case, pinning it on a man who committed suicide in 1997.

“This case keeps on coming back,” says Lawrence Schiller, author of “Perfect Murder, Perfect Town: The Uncensored Story of the Jon Benet Murder and the Grand Jury’s Search for the Final Truth,” considered the definitive biography of the case. “The tide goes out and it goes back in, and the police are hoping the next time it comes in, they may catch who did it.” The decades-long fascination with the Jon Benet murder, however, is perplexing.

Also upcoming: Investigation Discovery’s “Jon Benet Ramsey: An American Murder Mystery,” Lifetime’s scripted TV movie “Who Killed Jon Benet? Phil special that promises to reveal “shocking, never-before-heard details.” You can also read all about it in this week’s six-page People magazine cover story, “Justice for Jon Benet?Posted by Christina Stoy | Aruba, Beth Holloway, Blink, Clint Van Zandt, Dana Pretzer Show, Dave Holloway, Drew Peterson, Joel Brodsky, John Mark Karr, Joran Van Der Sloot, Jossy Mansur, Kathleen Savio, Missing Persons, Murdered, Natalee Holloway, RED, Robin Sax, Scared Monkeys Radio, Stacy Peterson, Tim Miller | Sunday 6 June 2010 am Guest Include: Joel Brodsky, Drew Peterson attorney, updates recent developments.Jossy Mansur, from Aruba, discusses recent arrest of Joran Van Der Sloot.Blink, from discusses the Stacy Peterson and Joran Van Der Sloot cases.Clint Van Zandt, Former FBI profiler (r) author and safety expert discusses the Peterson and Van Der Sloot Cases.

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