Bukharian online dating russian dating and marriage customs

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Bukharian Jews are the descendants of ancient Israelites, a part of whom were exiled after the destruction of the northern Israelite (722 BCE) and Judean (586 BCE) kingdoms, and also after the Roman conquest of the Hasmonean Jewish kingdom in 70 CE.

The presence of Jews in the pre-Islamic period in Khwarezm is evident in the writing “Shahristani-ha-i- Iran” (Capitals of the Iranian Provinces) in which the founders of the city of Narsei are described as “sons of a Jewess”. ARONOV, SEMYON RIBIEVICH (1922, Kokand – 1987, Tashkent). Headed the Department of Material Resources and was a member of the State Planning Committee of the Uz SSR. As a rule, Jews lived in separate neighborhoods, where they exercised autonomy over their community. Leading researcher, later head of the clinical department of Cardiology RAMS, head of Branch of the Russian Institute of the Occupational Diseases (Moscow). The secular head of the community was the kalontar or elder, who was entrusted with administrative and judicial matters, collection of taxes, and funds. Member of the Coordinating Council of Cardiology, one of the leading Russian cardiologists . Merchant of the 1st guild, public activist, philanthropist. Additional evidence of Jews in Khwarezm is contained in the writings of the Arab historian At-Tabari, who remembers the wise Jews of this city. A Jewish community also existed in Balkh, a city to the east of Merv in present-day Afghanistan. Engineer of the Main Tashkent Construction Trust and the Construction authority of the Ministry of Water Management of Uzbekistan.

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