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But with the economic reforms after 1978, industrialisation and urbanisation radically altered the nature of relationships.

Factories sprouted up in cities across the eastern coast.

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“It is a well-known fact that China is a traditional society based upon commendable values and virtues that respect the dignity and humanity of its citizens, regardless of their gender,” it explained.

To my surprise, a group of Chinese men — young, but older than I was — flocked to me, asking me repeatedly if I had any boyfriends, if my dating life resembled the popular American sitcom , and if I was “open,” which I later learned was a poor translation for a Chinese phrase that meant “sexually liberal.” I was not. But as it turned out, there were no friends, and I had no cellphone. That moment marked a new era for me — the Before Christ and Anno Domini that split my soul and altered the trajectory of my life.

The next day, one of them asked me to go swimming at a local hot springs with a group of his friends. Unwittingly, I had walked into the middle of a struggle to redefine Chinese identity, in a nation at times unable to come to terms with its own sexual revolution — or the epidemic of violence behind its closed doors.

And with Western democracy as its primary competitor, the party takes every opportunity, no matter how vulgar, to demonstrate China's superiority over what it presents as a chaotic, violent, and debauched West.

That explains both the tasteless piece — and what happened to me.

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