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“They’ve largely ruled that your thumbprint doesn’t communicate any testimony to the government.”That means the i Phone’s startlingly accurate new feature, which was shown off in demos shortly after Apple’s launch event, might be a little too easy to use for cops seeking a motherlode of data from your phone without much hassle.A demo video from The Verge shortly after the event shows that the only way to stop the device from unlocking your phone when someone else is pointing it directly at you is to keep your eyes permanently closed.“Can [police] move your body or hold your head to get the scanner in the right place? “Beyond those kinds of situations, though, they would need a warrant to compel you to be anywhere or take things off your body.”This week, Apple introduced a potential fix, in some use cases, to the problem of unwanted thumbprint searches.

Courts have ruled in cases dating back to 2014 that thumbprints, which are likely considered to be in the same biometric data category as faces, are more of an act of identification than an act of testimony.“Most of the cases so far have said when the government is forcing you to use a thumbprint, that is not testimonial,” said Kaufman.They believe in the right to bear arms and those old enough to remember being disarmed by their government are now wishing they had not been asleep at the wheel when their rights were stolen. Here’s just a sample of the many emails I received after my last appearance on the UK nationally broadcast BBC Jeremy Vine Show: I did try to call the radio station concerning your piece, my comments would have been- Who the hell are we (U.K) to tell the Americans who can have a Gun and who can’t. S (Florida) for over 25 yrs and I’ve never met a more responsible people as the Americans. Most people, anywhere in the world, recognize the fact that it’s always a good guy with a gun stopping a bad guy with a gun, knife, bomb, truck, etc., and to be disarmed in the face of evil is utter insanity.That distinction is vital when we talk about the disarmed cops in Great Britain.I know several cops, male and female and not one of them that I have spoken to would even consider leaving their home to start a shift, without a sidearm, no matter what else rested on their duty belt. I’m also not going to pretend to understand the mindset of any department anywhere in the world that would put their officers out on the street without a sidearm to defend themselves and their communities.

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