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Researchers found a complex interaction of how teachers' beliefs about both mathematics teaching and learning and the role of curriculum and how teachers engage with and use new materials.

Orientation towards curriculum had a greater influence on Investigations use than beliefs' about teaching and learning.

It publishes articles about research, practice, and issues relevant to teaching and learning in the pre-kindergarten to grade 12 environment.

Years of teaching experience ranged from 4 years to 30, with half of the teachers having 25 or more years of experience.

As part of a 5-year study, data from the first two years informed these findings, with each teacher observed at least twice and interviewed at least twice in Year 1, followed by most teachers being observed 6-7 times and interviewed three times in Year 2.

Ball and Cohen (1996) recognized that without support, teachers might resist or struggle to use the new materials as their authors intended.

Ball and Cohen suggested that curriculum materials could influence teacher practice in the following ways: Shulman (1986) recognized a need for a new conceptualization of teacher knowledge that was not solely about content, nor solely about teaching, but rather specialized knowledge for teaching specific content.

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