Dating bad boy

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Its unfortunate: the idea of a romance comedy that isn't simplistic, Boy meets Girl, Boy and Girl find love, encounter hindrance, break-up, but Love Wins Out, is a trite, tired formula.

This movie had the promise to be a bit more than that, as DEFINITELY, MAYBE attempted and succeeded earlier this year.

In a year where there’s been way, way, way more to worry about in the world than who pop stars are dating and which ones are mad at each other, Taylor is more Taylor on this album than she’s ever been.

Generally people not paying for a service are not going to take it as serious.Technically, the film is fine, location wise and situation some interesting choices.The biggest weakness is the plot, story and script.Chris Pine deserves some better roles, to see what he can actually make with something more complex and intelligent.Some excellent character actors are wasted, although their performances are fine.

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