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Single mums-to-be are hoping to find companionship (51%), romance (45%) and a life partner (40%) over sex (18%) or finding a father figure for their child (18%).More than a third (37%) said they wouldn't even consider sex with a new partner during pregnancy.Almost half (46%) have already used, or would use, online dating and dating apps (such as Tinder, Plenty of Fish and Match) to find dates, with the same number seeking recommendations from friends.23% say they look for dates at bars, parties and social events, while 16% are looking for love at work.“My friends have been a little judge-y – basically I'm six months pregnant”, she added.Caitlin went on to say that her profile pictures on the dating app don’t show her pregnancy, but that obviously she can't hide it from any dates she meets up with.But for others, getting out and meeting new people is an important part of who they are.Baby Centre supports all mums, whatever choices they make and we strongly believe that just because a women is dating doesn't mean that she can't be the best mum possible to the child she is carrying.' Of the single mums-to-be, 62% were in a relationship with the baby's father when they got pregnant, with 22% citing the pregnancy as the reason for the break up.

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Meeting people online makes it easier to build a friendship and emotional rapport with someone long before you've met them.

Of those that have told their loved ones, 58% report a mixture of positive and negative responses, with many saying that friends and family told them to focus on the baby and not on finding a relationship.

When asked about how being pregnant changes the way they feel about dating, the women reported feeling self-conscious (56%), embarrassed about their pregnancy (18%) and less attractive (40%).

While one in five (19%) feel exactly the same as when they are not pregnant, only 3% feel more attractive, and only 17% are proud of their pregnancies.

Sasha Miller, International Managing Editor of Baby Centre comments: ' I don't think we should be surprised to see that some single mums-to-be choose to go on dates while they are pregnant.

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