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If aliens ever visit the earth, they will no doubt puzzle over many of the things that we do.One of the things that they might struggle to understand is the Tamagotchi, a virtual digital pet that was popular with the pre-teen set in the 1990s.This attachment was later referred to as the Tamagotchi Effect, where people become emotionally attached to robots or software programs.After the success of the Tamagotchi, this became a standard part of the designer’s lexicon: make people care about you product on an emotional level, not a logical one.Other versions added the ability to send your pet to school, or choose a job.There is a comprehensive list of the many versions that were released over the years at the Tamenagerie.Because many Japanese children are not able to have pets, she came up with the idea of a virtual pet which the child could care for and watch grow.

After a few minutes, this hatches, and the baby pet emerges.

This odd toy was created by Bandai employee Aki Maita, with assistance from Akhirio Yoki of the WIZ toy company.

According to interviews, Maita came up with the idea after seeing a TV commercial where a Japanese child took his pet turtle to school.

This tech toy was incredibly popular, and was the cause of many tears, and much confusion from adults as to why children cared about the death of an animated character.

The name Tamagotchi comes from an combination of the Japanese word たまご (Tamago, or egg) and ウオッチ , (Uocchi, or watch). Fortunately, the manufacturer Bandai decided to stick with a romanization of the Japanese name: Tamagotchi.

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