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Our form's second group is called 'location' and has further fields to define the accident's location.We want to hide the group when the form loads (as 'add_location' defaults to 'no'), show it when 'add_location' is 'yes' and hide it when 'add_location' is 'no' So...So, I hope this article helped you to solve Grid View update problem in minutes, instead of losing complete day to find out what caused this error like it happened to me :). Note: The standard Joomla order widget defines the order in which the elements appear within their groups.

So, if your Edit Item Template of Grid View looks similar to this: If you wrote something in required field and you used Bind method in Edit Item Template, you can also check if you somewhere called Grid View's Data Bind method before updating.

The "Details" access is basically "read only" access, if users don't have write access (add or edit).

If they don't have add/edit or details access, they can't use the element at all.

Let's say we want to add the values in two elements together, element1 and element2 and put the results in an element called 'total'.

This should be applied each time the user leaves either of the two fields.

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