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“Pregnant soldiers were trying to do [regular Army] physical training and they couldn’t do a lot of the exercises,” she said.

Soldiers have six months to meet the Army’s height and weight standards and pass a physical training test after they give birth, she said, adding that nine pregnant soldiers do PPPT training at Camp Zama each morning.

He screamed and screamed as loud as he could, sounding as though his terror quadrupled as he continued to scream.

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Female soldiers typically add 25-30 pounds during a pregnancy, said Nieves-Gonzales, who put on 20 pounds before the birth of her own son, Xavier, six years ago in Würzburg, Germany. “My unit said: ‘You can’t do PT with us so just sleep in,’ ” she said. When properly done, it can result in terrifying moments.It does so for one simple reason: the creator refuses to show us what's causing this horror, but we desperately wish to know, so imagination fills in the blanks and our minds provide the content, using what the individual considers scary.Despite his misgivings, Braden strapped on the empathy belly and spent Tuesday morning learning low-impact aerobics moves like the “grapevine” and the “V-step.” “This whole thing is pretty uncomfortable,” he said of the 25-pound pregnancy simulator.But, “body armor is a lot heavier.” Braden said he didn’t know there was such a thing as physical training for pregnant soldiers before he started the course.

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