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Luke grabbed my bodacious titties and thrust his rod deeper in my pussy. His rod felt so incredible that I was on the verge of squirting cum all over his cock but wanted to enjoy the feeling of him ramming my pussy a little more.

He kept pulling inch by inch out, teasing me and thrusting back inside to hit my G-spot.

It was already oozing with pre-cum and I was so wet that he slipped in with ease.

My lips gripped every inch of his cock as he slid inside, balls deep.

Luke told me he could feel my pussy juice coming through my panties.

Everytime I felt his fingers carress my pussy lips, my clit got larger and larger.

He took his foot and spread my legs wide apart as my honey goddess dripped down my leg from my wet hole.

I secretly wanted him to slip his fingers inside of me but I knew it was so wrong to fuck one of my students. I tried to tell him that it wasn’t a good idea that we fuck. But he insisted that he prove to me how much he deserved a better grade in class.

I leaned back on the couch as he told me to relax, sliding my legs open further and moving my panties to the side revealing my juicy pink pussy lips. Luke took my hand and walked me to the side of the couch and slowly bent me over the arm.

Luke pressed against my ass with his hard cock already throbbing.

I could feel how big his meat stick was and I welcomed the chance to open my pussy to his enoromous cock.

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