Hugh hefner who is he dating scorpio man dating aquarius woman

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So much for the popular notion that beneath all the glitter, Hefner must be jaded or bored. "Whatever he’s into at the moment, his powers of concentration are-well-overwhelming.Until you’ve had his attention, says one of his old, staffers, you’ve never had attention.

After getting to know him as well as anyone but his oldest friends, I still don’t have any final answers to that question myself, but I can say that in many ways, he is an even more remarkable figure than his legend.'Being around Hefner,’ one of his friends had told me, 'is like plugging yourself into an electric socket.’ He was right.The man is 47, but his energy is staggering and he seems to know one emotional pitch: flat-out, hard-charging, turned on. Other days, when business matters were piling up, he surrendered himself totally to meetings with executives that turned into 24-hour marathons; and when the last bunch stumbled away at ten in the morning, as likely as not, Hefner would make a dash for the game room to rendezvous with his pals and do a fiercely competitive and often raucous six hours on the pinball machines before retiring to his quarters with a girlfriend.For this unprecedented assignment, we picked free-lance writer Larry Du Bois, a 31-year-old former Time writer and correspondent whose penetrating with Jules Feiffer, Jackie Stewart, Roman Polanski and Jack Anderson convinced us that he had the experience, ability, tenacity and good humor we knew this job would entail. Here’s his report: “In the Butler Aviation terminal at O'Hare airport outside Chicago, where the private-plane set is pretty blasé about your average limousine, people still snap to attention when a huge Mercedes 600- license number HH1340-pulls up, and when the owner steps out, the place practically freezes like a snapshot to watch him stride briskly through, followed almost at a trot by a couple of beautiful blondes–one his girlfriend, the other his highly competent secretary, who’s madly taking notes as he dictates a memo on the fly."A few hours later, over Los Angeles, he and his friends are finishing their last game of Monopoly, and as his plane zooms in low over the freeway, traffic slows to a crawl when drivers catch sight of that sleek jet-black DC-9 with the Rabbit’s head on the tail.

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