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Thank you so much to our local experts who came to talk to us! Rich Brooks – Expert #1 on Blogging In My Own Words: Rich Brooks is founder and president of flyte new media, a Web design and Internet marketing firm in Portland, Maine.

His monthly flyte log email newsletter and company blog focus on Web marketing topics such as search engine optimization, blogs, social media, email marketing, and building Web sites that sell.

We had 1-2 experts at each table for a few minutes and then they would switch to the next table.

So from our seats we had direct access to an SEO expert, a blogging expert, a PR expert, a video marketing expert and more. I just wanted us as a community to know what resources and brains we have available locally.

Nathan O’Leary is the owner of Mainely SEO, an internet marketing company specializing in Search Engine Optimization and all forms of inbound marketing.

Nathan is a very creative individual with more than 10 years of experience developing online marketing plans.

Nathan enjoys skiing, mountain biking, traveling and all things digital.

In 2005, Chris dipped his toes into social media, joining in the first wave of podcasters, and since then has created several successful podcasts, video series, and blogs.

A community manager with a penchant for geekery, Chris shares his passions for all things craft beer, hiking, fly fishing, travel, and technology with like-minded people in search of a tribe.

In My Own Words: Tobin Slaven is the founder of Mobile Marketing of Maine and Mindboom Media, located in Bangor, Maine.

Tobin’s mission is to save main street – one small business at a time, with practical information about how social media and mobile technology is changing the rules of doing business and giving small business owners an unfair advantage over their national brand and big box store competition.

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