Methodist singles dating

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Work for the Library of Congress and Fisk University.The following year, he left the Delta for Rochester, New York, and gave up music.When House's parents separated, his mother took him to Tallulah, Louisiana, across the Mississippi River from Vicksburg, Mississippi.When he was in his early teens, they moved to Algiers, New Orleans.He quickly developed a unique style by applying the rhythmic drive, vocal power and emotional intensity of his preaching to the newly learned idiom.In a short career interrupted by a spell in Parchman Farm penitentiary, he developed to the point that Charley Patton, the foremost blues artist of the Mississippi Delta region, invited him to share engagements and to accompany him to a 1930 recording session for Paramount Records.At the age of nineteen, while living in the Delta, he married Carrie Martin, an older woman from New Orleans.

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He was a church member but also a drinker; he left the church for a time, on account of his drinking, but then gave up alcohol and became a Baptist deacon.In later years, he was still angry about his marriage and said of Carrie, "She wasn't nothin' but one of them New Orleans whores".House's resentment of farming extended to the many menial jobs he took as a young adult.Young Eddie House adopted the family commitment to religion and churchgoing.He also absorbed the family love of music but confined himself to singing, showing no interest in the family instrumental band, and hostile to the blues on religious grounds.

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