Networking speed dating questions

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Speed dating is a popular and fun way to meet new potential dates.However, unlike email and sitting at a bar and striking up conversation at your leisure, speed dating gives you a time limit of 5 to 10 minutes in which you’re allowed to meet someone and ask questions about what you’d like to know about them.First, there are a few basic questions you can ask to get an idea of his or her background and the type of person they are.Some questions may be too personal for some people to answer right away, and that is understandable.During a 30-minute networking session, it’s far better to spend 15 minutes with two people — developing an actual connection — than two minutes with fifteen people.Again, focus on personal connections, not business; look for common ground.It is important to know someone’s religion or smoking habit if there is any potential for a long term relationship, but some may prefer to bring personal information like this up once you’re on a date spending more alone time together.

Most people bristle at the term ‘networking’ – not because they are bad at it, but because it sounds transactional and disingenuous. If you’ve gotten yourself into the right room of people and you’ve done your homework, then you can slow down, enjoy getting to know the people around you and maybe even add some real value.This will help you find the people that attracted you to the event in the first place and give you a head start in the conversation once you do find them.Don’t network ‘speed dating’ style So you’re in the right room and you’ve done your homework, now just relax and focus on having a deep conversation with two or three people, as opposed to running around trying to have quick, shallow conversations with as many people as you can.Because of this time limit, your first impression is all you have to hit or miss a chance with someone.The way you dress and the questions you ask (as well as how you answer their questions) are the most important things to consider before taking a dive into the pond.

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