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” If this is to be a proper date I would be hoping for much more, is what I thought.

What I said was, “I don’t think you have lost your touch at all.” Looking down at her dainty feet held together on hump and the skirt that had ridden up her thighs enough to give me a real desire to see more.

The band had moved in together, and her husband had moved out to live with a much younger woman.

So, it was not unusual for her to stop by the house and play house mother to all the boys in the band, making sure the refrigerator contained some healthy items in addition to beer, and that we were all in good health.

It was on one of these such visits that she was sitting in the kitchen and her demeanor was anything but the usual chipper smile we were all used to.

It seems that she had just found out that in addition to moving out with this young lady, her husband had been carrying on for sometime with some others along his travel route on the road.

Now, months later, the experience of a lifetime was just ahead for me.

She giggled as she talked about the various fittings she had done, about how every one of the guys were nervous and fidgeting except for me…laughed and said that when I first walked into her living room to be measured that she had thought to herself how much she would love to measure me for a pair of pants too, and that she had scolded herself for her thoughts.

I was looking down at her legs now and her delicately crossed ankles as she looked up at me.

So here I was, back in town and not sure of what to do with myself, the band that I had been in before I left for the Army was still together and upon contacting them I was welcomed back with open arms.

We were all around the same age and single so we decided to rent a house together so that we could devote much time to practice and recording.

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