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The March 9th edition of GLOBE Magazine reveals, “John and Kelly who have two kids, Ella and Benjamin, have been living separate lives for the past two years.

He spends most of his time at their house in Florida, while she has been based in Los Angeles.

The theme of a statue coming to life occurs throughout classic literature.

The original Pygmalian, as described by Ovid, was a sculptor who fell in love with a statue he had made, brought her to life with a kiss, and married her.

At the time Olivia said: 'You don't want to think anything could be wrong - that's not to say I wasn't frightened, nervous and anxious for her.

A boy, Buddy, whose parents have split and whose mother is an actress in New York, has been dumped in the south at the small-town home of some older cousins, all of whom are unmarried. See full summary » The premise of the story surrounds an unexpected road trip to find a long-lost daughter on Christmas Eve.

Emmy winner, Joseph Campanella; stage and screen star, Ruta Lee; and Latin Grammy ...

See full synopsis » This film brings to life a famous Norman Rockwell painting.

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When she wins a free wish in a department store she wishes for a mom to be with and to shop with over the holidays.

Her wish brings Amy, a mannequin, to life and into her life as her Mom for Christmas.

This is a delightful Christmas fantasy that deals lightly with magic and the power of love.

Samuel Cavanaugh, a Scrooge like character, revisits the frozen pond each year to relive the happier moments in his life. See full summary » Mickey Rooney plays Mike Halligan, a retired cop from Manhattan living in California with his family who decides to show his grandson, who has never seen snow before, what a real white ...

See full summary » Manhattanite Catherine O'Mara (Heche) bonds with a young man who has run away from his father.

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