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Correct protocol means that all diners should stop eating within a few moments of The Monarch.

Queen Victoria was a very quick eater and also particularly rude and would not even care if the end of the table hadn't even been served by the time she had finished – meaning a lot of people went hungry.

it is the custom to arrive ten minutes late to social engagement.

This allows the host a little breathing space and shows that you aren't too keen.

Our current Queen is also a quick eater but much more considerate to her guests, thankfully! If you want to impress, ask you hostess what the place à table is before entering the dining room.

If you are the male guest of honour, expect to be seated to the right of the hostess; the female guest of honour, to the right of the host.

Now imagine you’re the guy on the other end of the mouse - you know - the hot one you were just peeking at.

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Gears include caps, gym bags, headbands, shades, and water bottles for going to the gym or for enjoying outdoor sports and other activities.

Smart houses will ensure the guests are placed boy-girl-boy-girl.

Traditionally, wedding cakes are fruitcakes, often with nuts – these ingredients being used to symbolise fertility.

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