Ps xoxo online dating

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Would love a shout-out from my two favorite dudes, either way I love the show.You both seriously inspire me PSN: whiskey_dailey I have no friends or family that play games, and as a result have a grand total of ZERO friends on my PSN account.I spend 3 months of the year and try to keep up with the exclusives.I still try to stay connected with the playstation community with my PS Vita. The laws of man, the laws of God and peer pressure.The first two do not apply to the internet and online dating.Love you guys and often find myself arguing and agreeing out loud to my phone whenever listening to your show at work.

It'd definitely make my move easier if I could have a bunch of Kinda Funny friends to keep me company while I adjust to the new city, so I was hoping that I could be Best Friend of the Week. I've loved listening to you two for years and PS I Love You is definitely a place to call home. It's a big deal now that I've finally gotten a PS4. not a lot of my friends have PS4s either and I'd love to make some more best friends!This thread is meant to be for questions throughout the show.If a) you want ask the guys your PS I Love You XOXO Questions,b) you want to present your PSN's Worst Name of the Week, orc) you want to submit your Song of the Week,please post in the respective threads.1. I am an attorney in New York city and recently purchased my PS4.And while we’re at it, how could 70 percent of women have above-average looks?Then there’s this: 57 percent of men studied who posted a profile — more than half — never received a single e-mail.” I am sure online dating has worked for some people, but being a matchmaker I only get to hear all the horror stories of online dating.

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