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Okay, ive got Turkey and all the trimmings with apple pie and vanilla icecream on christmas day, boxing day im doing a roast ham with mash and cabbage -im totally stuck for christmas eve tho!! My lot are usually too excited to sit and eat a proper tea too and of course kitchen is usually tied up cooking things for the next day We always have a buffet that we just snack at from about onwards. in our house we have something hot quick and easy for lunc probably omlettes this year then for tea we have a small buffet with a few xmas goodies and sandwiches etc its quick and easy to throw on the table on a day when there is so much to do!Ma chellini kuda chala sarlu adiganu kani tanaku telidu ani cheppindi. Aaaaaahhh aaaannnayyya naku aipoyindi raaa aaaah na rasalu karipoyayi raaa Sammy.Okasari nenu maa friend valla intiki velli vastunte night 6.30 ki pravalika oka abbayi tho bike meda gattiga hug chesukoni veltundi. Anni ante anni kani nijam cheppu neku lover leda Prav. Aaaaaahhh na chelli rasalu karaya na rasalu ekkada karchale lanja cheppu tvaraga naku aipotunde kasi lanja Prav, na notlo na sandla py karchara lanja kodaka ne lanjanu ne rasalatho tadipey ra puku na kodaka Sammy.He penetrates her with maximum passion, bringing his girl tons of pure pleasure with his dick.He finally cums in her pussy, leaving the girl fully satisfied, luckily for him before someone passes by and spots two naked bums in the car.

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"Flambeed yak intestine in boulangerie sauce" Well that is what my other half always calls whatever we get on Christmas Eve.Nenu vallanu follow ayyanu vallu oka park ki vellaru. Aaaaaahhhh aaaaaaahhhh chelli karchara aaaahhhh chala karindi na chelli lanja kosam Prav.Konchem chikati padagane valla romance start ayyindi iddaru huggulu kissulu inka vadu chinnaga dani dress loki cheyi petti dani sandlu pisukutu unte dani expressions chudali abbaaaaa, naku adavalla sex lo iche expressions chuste picha mood vastundi. Aaaahhh annnayyya ippudu happy na ne chelli ni picha kasig dengav kdara kasi maddaga Sammy.Since nobody’s around, she unzips his pants, whips out his hard cock and begins to suck it like an ice-cream cone. She has got some delicious titties, a gorgeous face, a pretty smile and an unbelievable round booty.Once she started sucking dick, there was no chance this couple was going to leave until after some passionate sex in the backseat of his car.

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